Lynda and Sean and their Richmond Park engagement.

Another couple, another love story. Another adventure.

It touches my heart very deeply to meet new people that share my vision and embrace me and my work. To meet people, couples, friends that love what I do and trust me with it. Trust me to document them and who they are, what they have, through my eyes.

I am passionate about people and my camera is my tool through which I feed that passion. Everyone feels self-conscious and a bit uncomfortable to begin with, it’s just natural, it’s who we are. It is my part to be able to make you feel comfortable and at ease. That’s the part I love the most. To create a space in which you can feel relaxed and yourself and create images that capture your soul, your most natural ways. You as you are.

I loved working with Lynda and Sean. They trusted my vision, they trusted my ways and we created beautiful moments.

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