Ramona and Kevin beach wedding session was amazing.

Ramona actually contacted me a few weeks after their wedding day enquiring about a post wedding session with her brand new husband. She asked me if I had any ideas and if I knew of any local spot that was pretty, and if so she wanted to go there. It is always so lovely to know that my client trust me completely and even if I always ask my couple to pick a special place they love, somewhere that means something to them or just somewhere they like for no particular reason, I am often asked for suggestions.

In Ramona and Kevin’s case, I had a good feeling for the beach. And oh my I am so glad they agreed! She wanted to be in their wedding attire for the shoot so I though…the beach…the wind…her flowers…their connection…and a beautiful sunset was pretty much as perfect as it could be!

We had to move the date once before we actually managed to meet for the session as the weather was not on our side to begin with. But it was so worth the wait!

I shot at West Wittering beach before for an engagement session (see the engagement photos here) and I loved it. I love being outside in open spaces and there is no much like a beach at sunset! She had her flowers made by the wonderful Event & Floral Design By Dora Kovacs (check her out she is fabulous!)

These two beautiful people were a total pleasure to work with and I cannot wait to go back to this location to create more work!

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