I still remember the first call I had with Emily. They have just been to visit Gaynes Park and they wanted to know more about having me to photograph their day. If my memory doesn’t fail me, they were in the car as they were living the venue…

It is strange to explain but every time an enquiry comes in, there is a feeling, a vibe, something attached to it. With Emily, I instantly knew she was going to be “my bride”. She was so sweet and friendly and kind on the phone, I was so excited she got in touch and really grateful for the opportunity to hopefully work together.

When she emailed me to confirm waiting me to capture their day I was really excited. It is so important to me to work with the right people. Booking a wedding is so much more than a financial transaction. To work with people that share my vision, feel my heart, see my art the way I see it and trust me with their day it is something I value more that I could ever explain.

We met the first time the day of their engagement session in Primrose Hill (click link to see it! They are so gorgeous!) and thats’t. I was in love with them, their love, their smiles, their connection, their everything.

As I expected, their wedding day was so full of love and laughter. So much joy. So much caring about their guests, the people they love the most that could share their special day with them. A total inspiration.

Below, the story of their amazing day…


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Vendors list:

Venue: Gaynes Park

Flowers: Lily and May

Cake: Jennifer Cakes

Wedding Dress Designer: Stella York

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