Sometimes, in the middle of this beautiful life, between highs and lows, you fall in love.

You fall in love with ideas, dreams, places you visit and the ones you never been to. You fall in love with scents, textures, how something feels and how someone makes you feel. And of course, you fall in love with people. Some of these people, really take over your heart and you feel that, although you just met, they always belonged there.

You feel connected to their soul, their vibes, their words, their mind, their passions. You fall in love with yourself a little bit more because of them. More in love with life.

Because their light is your light.

But how do I put into words what meeting Melli and Daniel meant to me? How do I explain our instant connection. That instant feeling of belonging. A feeling of home.

I believe in “meant to be”.

I believe in people coming into your life for a reason. Whatever the experience, I believe we are all teachers for each other. If we are open enough to hear the lesson, that is. We help each other to grow, improve. We show each other parts we don’t want to acknowledge and we stay until we are ready to listen. We must listen. Because life is precious. Life is short. Life is beautiful. We must have the courage to listen. And act. Do. Whatever it takes. Act. Do.

Melli and Daniel, you taught me to trust more. Taught me to have more faith. Reminded me of what amazing beautiful gift we are. I am. You showed me love in a wonderful new form and my only hope is to be for someone else the gift that you are to me.

It is incredible to think how you impacted me so deeply, in only a few hours.

You took over my heart with the kindness of your smiles, the rawness of your being, the sound of your words and the purity of your soul.

Thank you for being such a bright light in my life,

I cannot wait to see you very soon.

Ilaria x

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