Sometimes things don’t go quite as planned. And that’s ok. For Sarah and James’s engagement shoot in London, we wanted to start from the beautiful Somerset House. I was really looking forward to it, as in fact I never shot there before. The fountain, the house…it will make a gorgeous background for some of their images.

I arrived about an hour early, I wanted to look around, sit on a step and just empty my mind before starting the shoot. That is a little ritual *slash* routine I do before every shoot. I take the right turn into Somerset House, walk through the first arch and the beautiful view in front of me was not quite what I anticipated. Somerset House was turned into a construction site. Say, WHAAATTT?

I will be honest my first reaction was not…oh thats ok we will work it out. More like “OMG what happened, why why why, get off my square!”. Well, they didn’t get off “my” square and I had to get over it. Everything, in fact, is going to be fine. After all, I love improvising. I love spontaneous wandering. And this is exactly what we did. And it was perfect.

I know I say this about all of my clients, but thats because its true about them all! Sarah and James are the sweetest couple! We walked, chatted, laughed and made beautiful memories aimlessly walking around London. We even had coffee to finish off in style.

These images will takes up back to that day every time we look at them.


Ilaria x

london-engagement-photos-sarah-and-james-ilaria-petrucci-photography-001 london-engagement-photos-sarah-and-james-ilaria-petrucci-photography-005 london-engagement-photos-sarah-and-james-ilaria-petrucci-photography-029 london-engagement-photos-sarah-and-james-ilaria-petrucci-photography-045 london-engagement-photos-sarah-and-james-ilaria-petrucci-photography-003 london-engagement-photos-sarah-and-james-ilaria-petrucci-photography-010 london-engagement-photos-sarah-and-james-ilaria-petrucci-photography-006 london-engagement-photos-sarah-and-james-ilaria-petrucci-photography-067 london-engagement-photos-sarah-and-james-ilaria-petrucci-photography-047 london-engagement-photos-sarah-and-james-ilaria-petrucci-photography-069 london-engagement-photos-sarah-and-james-ilaria-petrucci-photography-074 london-engagement-photos-sarah-and-james-ilaria-petrucci-photography-030 london-engagement-photos-sarah-and-james-ilaria-petrucci-photography-032 london-engagement-photos-sarah-and-james-ilaria-petrucci-photography-081 london-engagement-photos-sarah-and-james-ilaria-petrucci-photography-061 london-engagement-photos-sarah-and-james-ilaria-petrucci-photography-097 london-engagement-photos-sarah-and-james-ilaria-petrucci-photography-103 london-engagement-photos-sarah-and-james-ilaria-petrucci-photography-012 london-engagement-photos-sarah-and-james-ilaria-petrucci-photography-113 london-engagement-photos-sarah-and-james-ilaria-petrucci-photography-124 london-engagement-photos-sarah-and-james-ilaria-petrucci-photography-109

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