An engagement shoot in Cornwall has been on my wish list for quite a while and when Leena and Michael offered me to go there for theirs, of course, I was all over it.

I love Cornwall. So much. The air, the colours, the smell, the sun, the views, the beach, the wind, the peace, the silence, the gelato. Everything.

There is nothing I love more than seeing new places and when it comes to photographing couples, I love to allow them to pick a place and location they love. Somewhere that means a lot to them or simply somewhere they just love for no particular reason and where they feel comfortable and at home.

Cornwall was all of this for them.

But, first things first.


Leena happens to be Stef’s (my husband) friend from school so I was lucky he could take a few days off work to join me for this rip.

We met in Padstow (possibly the cutest little town ever) and before taking my camera out of my bag, we went for gelato. Absolutely delicious gelato.

Then we explored. We followed Michael as he drove us to a few different locations, breathtaking places. And together we created the images below, a small selection of some of my favourite ones.

Thank you for this adventure guys, I cannot wait for the wedding day soon.

Much love,

Ilaria x

leena-and-micheal-cornwall-engagement-photo-1 leena-and-micheal-cornwall-engagement-photo-8 leena-and-micheal-cornwall-engagement-photo-12 leena-and-micheal-cornwall-engagement-photo-28 leena-and-micheal-cornwall-engagement-photo-31 leena-and-micheal-cornwall-engagement-photo-7 leena-and-micheal-cornwall-engagement-photo-2 leena-and-micheal-cornwall-engagement-photo-21 leena-and-micheal-cornwall-engagement-photo-32 leena-and-micheal-cornwall-engagement-photo-26 leena-and-micheal-cornwall-engagement-photo-24 leena-and-micheal-cornwall-engagement-photo-14 leena-and-micheal-cornwall-engagement-photo-33 leena-and-micheal-cornwall-engagement-photo-34 leena-and-micheal-cornwall-engagement-photo-37 leena-and-micheal-cornwall-engagement-photo-65 leena-and-micheal-cornwall-engagement-photo-44 leena-and-micheal-cornwall-engagement-photo-64 leena-and-micheal-cornwall-engagement-photo-66 leena-and-micheal-cornwall-engagement-photo-67 leena-and-micheal-cornwall-engagement-photo-59 leena-and-micheal-cornwall-engagement-photo-73 leena-and-micheal-cornwall-engagement-photo-77 leena-and-micheal-cornwall-engagement-photo-83 leena-and-micheal-cornwall-engagement-photo-88 leena-and-micheal-cornwall-engagement-photo-91 leena-and-micheal-cornwall-engagement-photo-98 leena-and-micheal-cornwall-engagement-photo-110 leena-and-micheal-cornwall-engagement-photo-114 leena-and-micheal-cornwall-engagement-photo-136 leena-and-micheal-cornwall-engagement-photo-145 leena-and-micheal-cornwall-engagement-photo-147

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