You know how sometimes you meet people, and they feel like home?

They feel familiar.

I am asked so many times what I do or say to get natural and intimate shots, or where i get my inspiration from (will write another post for this as otherwise we can be here for days! 🙂 ) and the truth might be rather a disappointing answer because there really is nothing in particular I do except being myself. Being interested. Establish a connection. BE with them, but out of the images I take.

The work I create is a joint effort with my clients. They trust me and I trust them. I create a moment, bring out an emotion, create an environment in which they feel safe to be themselves, let go and just be. With me. And what a honour to be let in. To have them share with me this beautiful part of who they are.

I create a moment, but I am not in it. I look at my work and I want to see them, not me. I couldn’t achieve this by posing them. If I pose a moment, the moment is gone. If I pose a moment, I look back and I see myself in the shot. They will see me in the shot and this is not what I want.

This is why I do what I do the way I do it.

I want my work to make you feel the moment, not see it.

The process of connecting with your couple doesn’t start when you meet in person for the engagement session or wedding day, it starts from the very first email you exchange. That is when you start building a connection, trust.


Danielle and Charley,

you feel like home.

Your connection is incredible.

Thank you for trusting me, for opening up to me, to let me in and to share a part of you and your love with me.

I am forever grateful you have entered my life.

Much love,


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