I remember always feeling trapped and short of air. I didn’t fit in, I didn’t quite understand why I just knew I was meant for something different. Not better or worst, Just different.


I am a free soul and freedom has always been so important to me.

Freedom to be, freedom to speak, freedom to express yourself and freedom to just be.


My parents moved to a little town in the north of Italy when I was 12 and adjusting to the “everything and everyone is new” scenario was difficult straight away. I was different and I mistakenly decided that was a problem, so I chose to fit in, to make friends and be liked.


Before long the walls around me started to feel tighter and tighter. I found people’s mentality too small and too far away from my own and so at 19 years old, I packed 54Kg of suitcases (yep that’s right!…thanks Ryanair for not charging me extra back then!) and off I went.


Destination: London


A few years later, different walls, same tight feeling. This time I was working in a office, or as I call it, a dark box. Again, I mistakenly thought I was the problem so I tried so hard to make myself be ok with it,I tried so hard to like it, to do the “right thing”  but that was never going to work. And thank God it didn’t.


When you feel like you are meant for something more, it means that you are meant for something more.

When you feel like you don’t fit in anymore, it’s because you are expanding and growing and developing, you need wider walls around you…or no walls at all…don’t try to squish yourself into a tight space when you know you are meant for much much more.


When you feel like you are worth more, it’s because you are. Don’t play small. Don’t talk yourself out of it.


Don’t be afraid of failing, Failure is a man-made concept, it doesn’t actually exist. it’s not real, it’s not physical, it’s just a feeling inside of us. Don’t fight it. Instead, work with it, let it guide you.


Leaving the world of dark boxes to follow my dream with fear holding my hand was the best decision I ever made. Ever.


I am so blessed to do what I love every day and I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Write your own story, and make it a good one <3



Photo credit: Cristina Rossi Photography

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