I’m glad you found your way here.

I’m Ilaria, born in Italy and lived there the first 19 years of my life. Then, I decided to leave home and arrived in the UK on the 23rd March 2002.

I was supposed to stay 3 months…almost 20 years and I still haven’t bought my return ticket. Sorry Mum!

Why photography?

I tried to make it as a ballerina first, if I’m honest. It didn’t work out, who would have guessed it!

Seriously though. I love people and more than that I love people in love. Connected. I love that idea that I can create with that love. I can capture it, I can frame it, I can gift it. Photography allows me to do that without going to jail. ah!

I think it’s important to remember the little things. And I don’t mean your centerpieces…I mean yes, I photograph that too, but the REAL little things…you know…

What makes you laugh really hard, the things that makes you YOU, you. The little things that are absolutely priceless and unique to who you are, individually and together.

Your love, your story, is worth being documented. It’s worth remembering.

Let’s capture it, together.

My style

This one is important.

I’m not interested in posing you in stiff awkward traditional positions.

I won’t ask you to stand in position for minutes that feel like hours so that I can “get the shot”. Anyone can do that, yes, most times even uncle Bob can.

I want to go beyond the traditional stuff, I want to capture how you naturally are. The silly, the intimate, the passion, the connection YOU have, whatever that means and looks like for YOU. Loud, quiet, introvert, extrovert. The goosebumps.

Every couple is different. That’s where the beauty of it all really is.

Let’s create. Contact me here.