Wedding Photographer London and far beyond.

My name is Ilaria, I’m a wedding photographer based between London, Cheshire and Tuscany. It’s a large border, I know.

I love to travel and I love to go wherever love takes me. Don’t you?

I work with clients who highly value their wedding photos and feel that their wedding photography is one of the absolutely most important things for their day. After all, it’s super cheesy but…it is the only tangible thing you will have afterwards and believe me, it would suck to have had the most amazing day and not have images that do it justice. Please, don’t count on Uncle Bob or your best friend Linda for the job.

Wedding photography for me is about people, and therefore, about you.


It’s about the in-between moments, the touches of laughter, the connection, the freedom, the wildness, the magic. It’s about the way you interact with each other and the way he looks at you when you don’t know he is looking.

It’s about that real love, the intimacy, the heartbeat, the emotions he tries to hold back but can’t, the goosebumps.

It’s about you, everything that makes you you.

Let’s capture it together.